Covid-19 and the Digital Nomad

North Cyprus

A Big Month

It’s been a big month for games writers. It always is in November, as the calendar’s biggest releases are wheeled out in time for the end-of-year rush. But this time there’s been the added attraction of Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles, with all the interest that generates.

Still, I’ve had to admire them from a distance. I haven’t been able to buy either. The simple reason being that I’m currently in North Cyprus, which isn’t the best place to purchase brand new tech. And travel restrictions due to Covid-19 made a quick trip across the border more trouble than it was worth. That’s if there had been any stock there anyway.

So, although it has been a good month for work, it could have been better. One of the downsides of being a digital nomad.

Staying Put, Staying Safe

The upside, however, is that in such a difficult year, I’ve been able to live cheaply in a location that’s mostly had little contact with the virus. On a small island, it’s been easier to organise lockdowns and quarantine arrivals from outside. And most people seem to have little issue with wearing masks and basic social distancing.

Overall, it’s been a relief to be here for much of the year, despite the isolation and boredom. It’s felt far more calm and safe than back home in the UK from what I’ve seen and heard. I just hope the local economy recovers from the loss of tourist business sooner rather than later.

But, as much as I’ve appreciated staying here, I had plans to leave this summer, which have only been postponed. With a bit of luck, I’ll get to move on next year, now that the vaccine’s on the way. Although, like the PS5 and Series X, it may take a little longer to filter through to these parts.

Covid-19 and the Digital Nomad
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