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I write game reviews for a range of UK and US publications, covering a wide range of genres and formats.

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Far Cry 6 Review

Far Cry 6

Edge Magazine | November 2021
Returnal Review
Wireframe Magazine | July 2021

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Everspace 2 Review

Everspace 2

Edge Magazine | April 2023
Road 96 Mile 0 Review
Whynow Gaming | April 2023
Dredge Review
Whynow Gaming | March 2023

Deliver Us Mars

Edge Magazine | March 2023
The Devil in Me Review

The Devil in Me

Edge Magazine | January 2023
Gungrave Gore Review

Gungrave GORE

Edge Magazine | January 2023

The Chant

Edge Magazine | December 2022
A Little to the Left Review

A Little to the Left - Everything in its place

Wireframe Magazine | December 2022
Saturnalia Review

Saturnalia - Murder in the Dark

Wireframe Magazine | November 2022

Serial Cleaners - All Cops Are Bozos

Wireframe Magazine | November 2022
Escape Academy Review

Escape Academy - Your chance to become the master of unlocking

PLAY Magazine | August 2022
TMNT Shredders Revenge Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

Edge Magazine | July 2022

Eternal Threads - A Timely Intervention

Wireframe Magazine | July 2022
A Monsters Expedition Review

A Monster's Expedition - A puzzle game about felling trees. Try not to get stumped

PLAY Magazine | June 2022
Best Month Ever Review
Wireframe Magazine | June 2022
Scourgebringer Review

Scourgebringer - Rage against the machines in a relentless roguelite

PLAY Magazine | May 2022
Abermore Review

Abermore - All your vase are belong to us

Wireframe Magazine | May 2022
Chinatown Detective Agency Review

Chinatown Detective Agency

Edge Magazine | April 2022
OlliOlli World Review
Wireframe Magazine | March 2022
Please Touch the Artwork Review

Please, Touch the Artwork

Edge Magazine | February 2022
Sifu Review
Video Games Chronicle | February 2022
Aeterna Noctis Review

Aeterna Noctis - A hard day's night and then some

Wireframe Magazine | February 2022
Tunche Review

Tunche - Stumble in the Jungle

Wireframe Magazine | January 2022
In Sound Mind Review

In Sound Mind - Running out of patients

Wireframe Magazine | January 2022
Eternal Cylinder Review

The Eternal Cylinder

Edge Magazine | December 2021
Wireframe Magazine | December 2021
Hoa Review

Hoa - Sunny delight

Wireframe Magazine | November 2021
Far Cry 6 Review

Far Cry 6

Edge Magazine | November 2021
The Ascent Review

The Ascent - The only way is up

Wireframe Magazine | October 2021
Roguebook Review

Roguebook - Nothing like getting lost in a good book

Wireframe Magazine | October 2021
Minute of Islands Review
Wireframe Magazine | September 2021
Cris Tales Review
Wireframe Magazine | September 2021
Necromunda Review

Necromunda: Hired Gun - A Rusted Development

Wireframe Magazine | August 2021
Stonefly Review

Stonefly - Bug-ridden

Wireframe Magazine | August 2021
Biomutant Review
Video Games Chronicle | May 2021
Mundaun Review

Mundaun - Drawn to death

Wireframe Magazine | May 2021

Narita Boy - Saving the world 16 bits at a time

Wireframe Magazine | May 2021
Curse of the Dead Gods review

Curse of the Dead Gods - Let sleeping gods lie

Wireframe Magazine | April 2021
Gods Will Fall Review

Gods Will Fall - Make your makers meet their makers

Wireframe Magazine | April 2021
Woodsalt Review
Wireframe Magazine | March 2021

Atomicrops - Farmed and dangerous

Wireframe Magazine | September 2020
Jet Lancer Review

Jet Lancer - More of a Goose than a Maverick

Wireframe Magazine | August 2020
One Step From Eden review - mind-merging
Wireframe Magazine | July 2020
Streets of Rage 4 review - batter up!
Wireframe Magazine | July 2020
Review: The Last of Us 2 Is Naughty Dog's Greatest Game
Video Games Chronicle | June 2020
Bloodroots Review

Bloodroots - Revenge is a dish best used as a weapon

Wireframe Magazine | June 2020
Help Will Come Tomorrow Review

Help Will Come Tomorrow - Desperate struggle in the bleak midwinter

Wireframe Magazine | June 2020
Resident Evil 3 review: STARS in his eyes
Wireframe Magazine | May 2020

Skellboy - A hero with no skin in the game

Wireframe Magazine | March 2020
Journey to the Savage Planet review: Metroid Primary Colours
Wireframe Magazine | February 2020
Sparklite review: feature-lite
Wireframe Magazine | February 2020
Arise: A Simple Story Review

Arise: A Simple Story - A tale as old as time travel

Wireframe Magazine | January 2020
Felix the Reaper Review

Felix the Reaper

Edge Magazine | November 2019

Creature in the Well - Pinball playing robots

Wireframe Magazine | October 2019
Astral Chain review: a Platinum effort
Wireframe Magazine | September 2019
Review: Nintendo's Daemon X Machina Is an Uneven Shooter
Video Games Chronicle | September 2019
The Church in the Darkness Review

The Church in the Darkness - The first cult is the deepest

Wireframe Magazine | August 2019
Sea of Solitude Review

Sea of Solitude - You're never alone with your inner demons

Wireframe Magazine | August 2019
Review: Fire Emblem Three Houses Is Impressive and Exhausting
Video Games Chronicle | July 2019
Second Symphony: How Bloodstained Makes Castlevania Sing Again

Second Symphony: How Bloodstained Makes Castlevania Sing Again

Kotaku UK | July 2019
Judgment Review

Judgment - Would a Yakuza by another name smell as sweet?

Wireframe Magazine | July 2019
A Plague Tale: Innocence review - verminmania
Wireframe Magazine | May 2019

Katana Zero

Edge Magazine | May 2019
Steamworld Quest Review

Steamworld Quest - Knights made of shining armour

Wireframe Magazine | May 2019
Left Alive Review

Left Alive - If only they'd put it out of its misery

Wireframe Magazine | April 2019
The Stillness of the Wind Review

The Stillness of the Wind - The old woman who stares at goats

Wireframe Magazine | March 2019
Baba Is You review: a boundary-pushing puzzler
Wireframe Magazine | March 2019

Wargoove - Groove is in the art... of war

Wireframe Magazine | February 2019
Big Ideas That Are All in Vane
Kotaku UK | January 2019
Desert Child Review
Wireframe Magazine | January 2019
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